CHALLENGE: South Africans are faced with four epidemics that prevent them from living a healthy life. Yet we view health in silos, we fear one disease over the other instead of looking at our health in totality. Sadmon and the Department of Health set out to change this through Phila.

Phila is a new movement that promotes a holistic approach to wellness, which begins with a positive health attitude, and ends in a long and healthy life for all.

The campaign encourages knowing one’s health status, increased physical activity, healthier eating, adherence to treatment, good sexual health and a safe, non-violent society. This is a National Department of Health’s response to the urgent health challenges faced by all South Africans; such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive drinking and unsafe sexual practices. These challenges have contributed to four epidemics which currently prevail simultaneously. These are Non-Communicable Diseases; HIV/AIDS and TB, Non Communicable Diseases, Mother-Child Women Health as well as Violence, Trauma and Injuries. The campaign reaches individuals of all ages, aiming to shift their health-related belief systems and behaviours, by an exposure to innovative mass media communication.